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Trampoline Quality | Compare “Apples to Apples”

Compare Quality

Compare Mats

Is the mat stitched in such a way that it will withstanding years of bouncing? Does it have a separate warranty? (Most cases 1 year)

Competitors’ Mats

Super-Fun Mats

Check the stitching. We use 10 rows of stitching per triangle (competitors commonly use 6). We use UV-resistant thread to ensure long-lasting color. Check the triangles and see how they are attached (applies to round trampolines only). Super-Fun trampoline jumping mats will last 15 years or more and are fully warrantied for 6 years.

Compare Frames

What should the quality, durability and longevity of a trampoline frame be? What about thickness and strength of the metal used? How about the warranty on the frame?



A quality trampoline should be able to stand on end without bending or bowing. Super-Fun Trampolines use stronger and thicker metal for their frames and are tested to support 440 lbs! We use high quality 12 gauge galvanized steel tubing made in North America, whereas competitor models only use 14 gauge metal or thinner. (The smaller the number the thicker the gauge.) Our frames meet ASTM International standards, a materials standard organization recognized by manufacturers and developers worldwide. Super-Fun Trampoline frames come with a lifetime warranty!

Compare Springs

How strong are they and how many are there? Are they likely to weaken and stretch out of shape after use? Do the springs actually come with a warranty?(Most cases 1 year)

Competitors’ Springs

Super-Fun Springs

Super-Fun Trampolines use only heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty springs. Our springs are tapered for longer durability. Super-Fun Trampoline springs are fully warrantied for 6 years.

Compare Safety Pads

How thick are they? What are they filled with? The warranty? (Most cases 1 year)

Competitors’ Safety Pads

Super-Fun Safety Pads

Super-Fun uses dense, foam inserts to protect kids from unnecessary risk. They will last a lifetime. They will rarely need to be replaced. Super-Fun Trampoline safety pads are fully warrantied for 6 years.

Super-Fun Trampolines last longer than all other trampolines!

Remember, stay safe and have fun!

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