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Bouncing Back!

The London 2012 Olympics were not really what he thought they would be, according to Jason Burnett, but that doesn’t mean it was a total write off. Jason went, he had many amazing experiences and learned some great lessons while there quite likely. Even though he didn’t medal the way he hoped, he was still there cheering on his team mates to victory!

Read his full story, according to The Toronto Observer here.  Here’s a tidbit for you …

“A bad bounce forced him to stop his difficult trampoline routine before he’d had a chance to begin. He finished eighth.

Barely 24 hours later, he was back at the venue, watching his Canadian teammates Rosie MacLennan and Karen Cockburn take their turns in the final.”

Everyone has bad days. Unfortunately Jason’s was his competition day at these Olympics. Don’t fret Jason, you’ll Bounce Back and be there the next time!!

Here’s a GREAT video of some of Jason’s former competition’s:

Yup, pretty sure he’ll be Bouncing Back!! :)

Always remember,

Remember, stay safe and have fun!


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