Trampoline Lessons & Safety


With the aftermath of the Olympics fully upon us now, perhaps your desire has been ignited for learning how to become a professional trampoline athlete and perhaps reach the Olympics yourself one day! Or, maybe you’re the type that just really enjoys your backyard experience, but want to maintain the utmost of safety on the trampoline for your kids, neighbors and friends. Either way, trampoline… read more

The Health Benefits of Using Trampolines

Trampolining has been and will always offer a lot of fun to children. What many people don’t realize is that using the trampoline is not just a lot of fun but they are another way to get super  healthy! There are in fact a lot of health benefits when children, and even adults, use trampolines. The movement in jumping up and down, not to mention… read more

A Trampoline-a-thon for a Cause!

What a very cool idea!  (wish we had thought of it ) Here’s a group of college kids raising funds for an excellent cause by way of a trampoline-a-thon. “Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity at Pittsburg State University is holding a trampoline-a-thon to benefit the Special Olympics. PSU students are jumping for 72-hours straight as they try to beat the $1,300 they raised last year.” We… read more

The Power of a Positive Attitude

By now we all know what happened to Jason Burnett at the 2012 London Olympics. The making of a true athlete, trampoline or otherwise, is a strong mindset and belief and nothing but positive attitude. After Jason’s heartbreaking final these were some of his words “… in Beijing I had an incredible experience, and I came out on top,” said Burnett. “And now I’ve got… read more

Congratulations Rosie on your Gold Medal for Canada!

We’re obviously SO proud of Canadian trampoline athlete Rosie MacLennan on her Gold Medal in the London 2012 Olympics! We found her personal blog, and wanted to share this incredible experience with you, from HER perspective! Here is what she writes … “Words cannot describe what I am feeling – I barely slept all night! It seems so surreal and like I am going to… read more

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