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Winter Sport Conditioning

Just like last week’s post, winter IS just around the corner, and that being said, so is ski and snowboard season!!  We found the great post over on another blog that we’d like to share some of the highlights with you as well!

“If skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing are in your future, begin to condition now.  The basic conditioning needs for snow sports include cardiovascular fitness, agility, strength, flexibility, core strength, and balance.”

Cardio includes anything from walking and running to jumping on your trampoline!  For agility, strength and flexibility, again, jumping on your trampoline will give you the chance to “simulate the board/ski moves such as moguls whereby your bring your knees together, bend deeply into the quadriceps and move side to side.  You can “cross country” or scissor your legs; you can jump “pizza feet” where the legs and feet come together and you jump front and back as if cutting the trampoline mat into slices of pizza.”

Even the famous Lance Armstrsong condones jumping on a trampoline as great exercise and useful for toning and weight loss, what he calls  “the benefits of training on a trampoline.”  The writer goes on to say “It helps develop skills for a variety of sports and also provides a low-impact cardio option for people looking to lose weight or stay healthy.”

Read the full article here. Skiier

In the end, if you ARE a skier or a snowboarder you WILL be getting excited that the snow will soon be falling!  So, when it’s NOT raining make sure you get out there and train and prepare (and JUMP) for the upcoming season!!



Remember, stay safe and have fun!

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