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Keep Your Trampoline Safe for your Family for Years to Come

While a brand new, squeaky clean, beautifully set up trampoline is awesome, and SO much SUPER :) fun, they do get used … a LOT!!  The kids have their friends over, there are family gatherings, etc.  Who doesn’t love a trampoline?!

It is SO important to keep up the maintenance of your trampoline though, making sure it is safe for everyone who uses it!  Things happen, but there is always a solution to those things.

At Super Fun we have a full range of parts for not only our brand, but many other brands as well.  We do all manner of repairs; from mats to pads to springs!

Keep in mind however, that depending on the age of your children, for safety reasons, it may be beneficial to purchase a new trampoline instead of repairing an older model.  We will assist you in making the best choice for your family!

For a full list of our parts and repair services, please visit our web site here.

Remember, stay safe and have fun!

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